Northridge Masterplan

When the owners of Northridge Estate started to develop the concept of their development they envisaged a fully integrated residential subdivision meeting the aspirational needs of young families and professionals wishing to live in the fast growing environs of South East Auckland.

Graced with significant land holdings it allowed them to enjoy a significant range of development options a range of housing products from the more economic lower cost housing unit through to the multi million dollar mansion like product in the upper regions of the estate.

Whichever product was to be developed throughout the estate emphasis was nevertheless to be placed on the quality of the overall subdivision, the very high quality of each residential unit and of the security and integration of the entire area so as to optimise traffic flows, views, landscaping, vehicle use and family and professional amenities.

Contrary to many fast-growing subdivisions in today’s ever-changing world Northridge Estate prides itself on views, and integration between all housing products provided, and a set of management rules to ensure that investors and lifestylers are able to achieve their highest expectations.

It is with this vision and commitment that the founders of the Northridge Estates took on the challenge of the subdivision and they expect and are committed to ensuring that the result is worthy of every participant fortunate enough to become a part of something so unique and valuable.