Our Vision

A bright future

Behind the Northridge residential development, is a vision to provide the best of city prosperity and opportunity, with the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. We are committed to providing an exciting, connected community of spacious sections and bespoke housing. Residents will enjoy close proximity to all of the best amenities for work, shopping, education and leisure.
With elevated views and a number of key services and attractions close by, Flat Bush is set to become one of the most up and coming suburbs in Auckland City, and we believe that Northridge should reflect this aspiration of a modern, bright future.

How It All Began – History

A rich history

Northridge can trace its roots back to 1929 when its original family first arrived in East Tamaki. One of the family member’s managed a dairy farm nearby, and in 1961 he decided to purchase his own farm on the land which would later become Northridge. His farm supplied milk to the local town, Flat Bush.

Flatbush has upheld its reputation for strong community ties right up to the present day. The school hall hosts a number of local events per year and the Alfriston markets still runs on the first Saturday of each month, selling local food and wares.

After 50 years of 5am rises, it was time for the original owner to pursue new ventures and the farm was sold to Viranda Partners.

Since then, this unique landholding has been carefully planned to repurpose and serve the greater Auckland community with a wonderful country and city lifestyle.

Unfolding right now is a residential development pitched for discerning buyers keen on a vibrant neighbourhood with the convenience of transportation, amenities and high-decile schooling close by.
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  1. Ormiston Senior College
  2. Ormiston Junior College
  3. Ormiston Primary School
  4. Sancta Maria Catholic College
  5. Botany Downs Secondary College
  6. Mission Heights Primary
  7. Manukau Institute of Technology
  8. AUT South Campus

Shopping Centers

  1. Ormiston Town Centre
  2. Botany Junction
  3. Westfield Manukau


  1. Ormiston Hospital & Endoscopy
  2. Middlemore Hospital
  3. Botany Junction Medical Centre

Police Station

  1. Police Station


  1. State Highway 1
  2. State Highway 20
  3. Airport
  4. Manukau Station

Amenities And Other Information of Northridge

Not only is Northridge development surrounded by beautiful countryside but there are a number of key amenities within a close distance.



  • 1. Ormiston Senior College
  • 2. Ormiston Junior College
  • 3. Ormiston Primary School
  • 4. Sancta Maria Catholic College
  • 5. Botany Downs Secondary College
  • 6. Mission Heights Primary
  • 7. Manukau Institute of Technology
  • 8. AUT South Campus


Good education options are often a key priority for parents and Northridge Estate has plenty of stellar institutions in close proximity.


Ormiston College is the closest school in proximity to the Northridge development. It is one of the newest schools in Auckland and is situated amongst the junior college and primary school. There is also Botany Downs Secondary College, a modern school that utilises technology and diverse learning techniques to build 21st century-ready young adults. If you are looking for a traditional Christian education there is also Sancta Maria Catholic College.


For pre-teens, Ormiston Junior College will open its doors on February 3rd 2017, bringing forward-thinking and personalised education to its students. There is also Mission Heights Primary and Ormiston Primary, innovative schools that help younger children build a strong base for further education.


There is also plenty of care facilities nearby for your littlest ones, such as the Kindercare Learning Centre and Willowbank Skids Child Care Centre.
For higher education, there are plenty of options to help create or build your career. AUT South Campus is a vibrant and cutting-edge facility has a number of key undergraduate courses, such as Law, Business, Health Science and Engineering. If you are looking for practical education, MIT offers plenty of flexible options across a number of industry areas.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres

  • 9. Ormiston Town Centre
  • 10. Botany Junction Shopping Centre
  • 11. Westfield Manukau


If you like to shop, the Northridge Residential development is well placed for you to indulge in some retail therapy.


One of the more exciting developments in Auckland is the Ormiston Town Centre. With development kicking off in 2015, this new hub will host 30,000sqm of retail space, ranging from large supermarkets (including a brand new PAK’nSAVE) and department stores to smaller boutiques and speciality retailers. Mixing European flair with Australian metropolitan design, this centre offers the ideal spot for perfecting your weekend lifestyle.


Situated in the heart of town, Botany Junction Shopping Centre has a wide range of shops, eateries, professional services and amenities for your convenience. With a large number of car parks, easy access and helpful staff, this centre is the ideal place to run errands as easily as possible.
There is also a large Westfield Shopping Mall in Manukau, filled with a number of popular stores and some unique smaller stores. Whether you need to put together a new wardrobe, are looking for a special something for the home or you want to browse the bookshelves before catching the latest movies, this is the place to go.

Emergency services

Emergency services

Medical Services

  • 12. Ormiston Hospital & Endoscopy
  • 13. Middlemore Hospital
  • 14. Botany Junction Medical Centre

A community is not complete without the services to keep us safe. Fortunately, Northridge is in close proximity to a number of key emergency services to offer security and peace of mind for your family.


Ormiston Hospital & Endoscopy Limited offers private surgery and high-quality first class healthcare. With a number of experienced specialists ranging from paediatric surgeons, vascular & endovascular specialists, spinal surgeons and gynaecologists, this centre is ideal for exhaustive care.


For emergency care, Middlemore Hospital is within 20 minutes from Northridge by car. This is one of the largest hospitals in Auckland, with an extensive A&E department and a range of specialists on hand.


If you need affordable everyday care for your family, Botany Junction Medical Centre offers quality health services at fair pricing. With a number of accreditations and the highest standards of care, you can trust this centre to help with your ailments and illnesses.
The nearest police station is located in on 50 Ormiston Street, a 6 minute drive from Northridge. Meanwhile, the district police headquarters are within 10 minutes from the development. This close proximity means that help will always be on the way when you need it most.

Police Station

  • 15. Police Station




  • 16. State Highway 1
  • 17. State Highway 20
  • 18. Airport
  • 19. Manukau Station

Flat bush is a well-connected suburb, with close proximity to a number of transportation options.


State highway one is just five minutes by car, connecting Northridge residential development to the entire city. The nearest on-ramp is also close to State Highway 20, which is the best route to Auckland International Airport. This hub has a both an international and domestic terminal, serving thousands of travellers a day, from dusk until dawn.
In terms of public transport, the modern Manukau transport hub is a short drive away. In 2018, a large bus interchange next to the train station will reach completion, ushering in a new era of public transport connectivity – just another reason to join this up and coming residential development.

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